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FRP Medium Bay Lights

FRP Medium Bay Lights

Of the wide variety of FRP industrial products available at Aspire Composites, FRP Medium Bay Lighting Fixtures are utilized extensively across several sectors. High glare is a problem often associated with many types of lighting. By using our Medium Bay Lights, one can effectively take care of this problem. The Medium Bay Fixtures are ideal for use in spaces where the ceiling height is about 20 feet. These Bay Lights are of the best quality & guarantee an efficient performance.

We provide a gamut of FRP Medium Bay Lights. FRP Medium Bay Lights are primarily used in commercial environment that require superior color rendering and minimum glare. FRP Medium Bay Lights fixtures are typically installed in ceilings measuring 20 feet in height. FRP Medium Bay Lights are ideal investments for companies seeking a more ergonomic light source for their employees. These Lights are also available in 45 to 85 watt CFL. Below are some of the features that we provide in our FRP Medium Bay Lights :
  • Heat Resistance Glass is provided with synthetic rubber.
  • Strong Stainless Steel guard is provided to hold and protect the glass.
  • Ceramic ES or BC lamp holders are provided as per client’s requirement.
  • FRP Coated Eye Bolt is provided on top with good quality grommet to absorb the vibration.
  • All hardware provided is SS 316.

  • Virtually universal in industries
  • Cement plants
  • Steel plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Power Plants
  • Material handling plants
  • Rayon plants
  • Fertilizer plants


Available in 150W, 250W, 400W
45W To 85W CFL
Supply Voltage 220v-240v
Applications Mainly used in all the plants located in corrosive area like Cement, Fertilizer, Power, Soda, Chemical, Sea Area Plants etc

Technical Specifications (AGMBI7000 Series)

Model No. Lamp Type Wattage Nominal voltage Current In amps Cap Power Factor Hight (mm) Width (mm) Wt. In kg. (aprrox) Std. Packing
AGMBIM 7025 HPMV 250 220-240 1.32 E-40 0.9 550 500 11 1
AGMIM7015 HPMV 150 220-240 0.74 E-40 0.85 550 500 11 1
AGMBIS 7025 HPSV 250 220-240 1.3 E-40 0.85 550 500 11 1
AGMBIMH7025 MH 250 220-240 1.3 E-40 0.85 550 500 11 1